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Sieving Sound and Light, 2018

This set of works is based on making drawing traces from referencing videos of plant ultrasound imaging. After the drawings were completed, the ultrasound videos were archived behind the drawings and made visible through the drawing surfaces. One of the two works, Sieving Sound and Light #2, was also a photograph of my previous work, and I made more drawing marks on it to allow the photographic and drawing traces to overlap each other. This produced a screen filtered and partially obscured by the drawing and the digital photo surface. Different renditions of this otherwise invisible information extend over one another, creating an ambiguous space where natural, digital and material met.


In a broader sense, Sieving Light and Sound hopes to look at the act of perceiving as an unstable form of information experience that is constantly being mediated, presented and grasped differently. 

This work was exhibited at Open Call #2: Technology in Art, Supernormal Space, Singapore in 2018.

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